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17 Years of Experience Led to Fogging Services

In January 2020, our team first heard about the Corona Virus concerns and how serious this virus was. As the owner of Tattoos for Now (established in 2003), I and the entire team were all concerned about how this would impact us in here in Canada as well as our studio and mobile airbrush tattoo services.

We wanted to be aware, informed and take steps to protect both our team and customers.

With over 17 years of airbrush spraying experience, we were in a unique position to know of vendors and manufactures of all types of spraying equipment.

In talking to colleagues about the implications of this virus and how we could stay open as talks of a shut down happening, our team started to research what other countries were doing to not just clean but disinfect their offices, retail locations or venues they were working in.

Through our industry association and research, we were able to learn about fogging services that were being used around the world to disinfect spaces and kill the virus. Our research started quite early in the year and we were able to purchase and secure Vital Oxide Disinfecting Solution, Backpack Foggers, Mini-Sprayers, Misters as well as reconfigure some of our existing equipment to disinfect our own offices and the venues we were working in.

As we started fogging our own spaces, we were flooded with inquiries about fogging services. Like many companies other companies in 2020 did, we pivoted to offering a new services and TFN Vancouver was born. Our new company became a distributor for Vital Oxide and Disinfecting Fogging and Spraying Equipment.

Our team had the unique experience of airbrushing people for 17 years and were already experienced at cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting our work spaces.

With our airbrushing experience, using foggers and sprayers was second nature to our team. We also had 17 years of customer service experience in the event industry working in a variety of environments and venues.

In addition to offering fogging services, we were able to answer questions about disinfecting and sell products to other businesses that wanted in-house solutions to disinfecting and protecting their work environment.

It is a unique start but our team remains dedicated to providing a high level of service and professionalism in both our companies.

We are fortunate to continue our work in both companies while offering our fellow business owners with disinfecting solutions for their companies as well.

Our philosophy is that “We are in this together”.

For more information, please call our offices at 778-242-1454.

A New Company

The Same Committment and Professionalism

Our dedication, professionalism and commitment to our clients remains the same in both our companies.

We offer our services at reasonable prices and with a great deal of care.

Our goal is help as many businesses with their own disinfecting solutions.

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